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4 Tips on Building Self-Confidence

Len Kling - Saturday, June 03, 2017

We’re off to see Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman movie tonight! I think she’s confidently nailed the role and I'm quietly excited to see the first-ever movie adaptation. However, I will always hold an affinity for the iconic Lynda Carter … and as for Superman, well I’m simply a huge fan! The reason for picking the superhero power pose picture will make more sense if you watch the Ted Talk included at the end of this piece.

I recently put together a couple of worksheets for clients who are specifically aiming to increase their self-confidence. They found the content useful and started sharing it with others, so here I am doing similar.

So what is self-confidence? Simply put, self-confidence is all about believing in your self and your abilities. It’s also considered a major source of motivation, or lack thereof, and also influences our behaviour (e.g., head up with eye contact and strong voice in comparison to the opposite). 

Personal expectations matter ... a lot! Answers to the following questions make a huge difference to our felt sense of confidence:
How will I perform? What if I screw up? Am I good enough? Can I do this? What will they think of me?

Whether it’s a boss who only focuses on “areas for improvement”, or the group of select audience members who seem completely bored with your presentation, or the repeated “we’ll keep your application on file” interview result … life happens and our confidence can get a thrashing from time to time. Each challenge is only a moment in time or simply a chapter in our story from which valuable lessons can be learned.

We don’t have to be super-human to have self-confidence. However, building and maintaining healthy levels of self-confidence does require proactive effort and regular practice. How will you write the next chapter and how will the continued story of building confidence unfold?

Below are a few ideas on what healthy self-confidence looks like. Also some concepts drawn from the scientific literature offer tips on how to build on self-confidence.



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